The people behind would like to acknowledge all researchers who submitted their SLAM algorithms and in this way supported
Currently, OpenSLAM hosts algorithms and tools provided by: Andreas Nuechter, Andrew J. Davison, Austin Elizar, Brett Browning, Cyrill Stachniss, David Ball, Diego Tipaldi, Dieter Fox, Dirk Haehnel, Edwin Olson, Felix Endres, Gamini Dissanayake, Gijs Dubbelman, Giorgio Grisetti, Gordon Wyeth, Hauke Strasdat, Haiqiang Zhang, Hordur Johannsson, Javier Civera; Javier Gonzalez Jimenez, Juan A. Fernandez Madrigal, Juergen Hess, John Leonard, Jerry Moravec, J.M.M. Montiel, Jose Luis Blanco, Kai Arras, Kurt Konolige, Liang Zhao, Lihua Dou, Luciano Spinello, Mark A. Paskin, Michael Kaess, Michael Ruhnke, Michael Milford, Niko Suenderhauf, Nikolas Engelhard, Oussama El Hamzaoui, Patrck Beeson, Raul Mur Artal, Rene Wagner, Ronald Parr, Pratik Agarwal, Scott Heath, Shoudong Huang, Sebastian Thrun, Steven Lovegrove, Tim Bailey, Udo Frese, Yanbiao Sun, Wolfram Burgard

We would also like to acknowledge the Transregional Research Center on Spatial Cognition (SFB TR/8) and the EU-funded project EUROPA (FP7-ICT-231888) for support. Until 2010, the EU-funded FP6-project RAWSEEDS also supported