CEKF-SLAM is a Compressed Extended Kalman Filter-based SLAM simulator written under Matlab.

Haiqiang Zhang; Lihua Dou;

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Long Description
CEKF-SLAM was originally proposed by Jose Guivant and Eduardo Net. This algorithm reduces the computational complexity by dividing the system state vector into two parts: the active local state vector and the others. Only the local state vector is updated for each step by EKF, and the necessary information for updating the other states is compressed into some auxiliary cofficient matrices. When the local area changes, a full update was executed to get the same estimation results as EKF.

Example Images

CEKF-SLAM overview and partial zooms

Type of Map
feature maps

Hardware/Software Requirements

Papers Describing the Approach
Jose Guivant and Eduardo Nebot: Optimization of the Simultaneous Localization and Map Building Algorithm for Real Time Implementation, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION, 2001

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