OpenSeqSLAM is an open source Matlab implementation of the original SeqSLAM algorithm published by Milford and Wyeth at ICRA12. SeqSLAM performs place recognition by matching sequences of images.
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Long Description
While established state of the art approaches to place recognition like FAB-MAP match single images, recent work of Milford and Wyeth proposes to match sequences of images. Their approach, coined SeqSLAM, achieved quite remarkable results when recognizing places even if the environment underwent severe appearance changes, like transitioning from a sunny day to a rainy night.

In a preprocessing step, SeqSLAM drastically downsamples incoming images to e.g. 64x32 pixels. These thumbnail images are further divided into patches of 8x8 pixels, which are then normalized, so that the pixel values cover the complete range of possible values between 0 and 255.

The two important innovative steps of SeqSLAM are performed in the following: First, the distance matrix is locally contrast enhanced, which Milford and Wyeth describe as a step towards forcing the matcher to find best matches in every local neighborhood of the trajectory instead of only one global best match. Finally, when looking for a match to a query image, SeqSLAM performs a search to find the best matching sequence of adjacent frames. SeqSLAM literally sweeps through the contrast-enhanced difference matrix to achieve this.

Input Data

Hardware/Software Requirements
Quick start guide: cd datasets/norland; ./getDataset.bash; Then run demo.m from within the matlab directory.

Papers Describing the Approach
Michael Milford and Gordon F. Wyeth: SeqSLAM: Visual Route-Based Navigation for Sunny Summer Days and Stormy Winter Nights, Proc. of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2012

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OpenSeqSLAM is licenced under GPL 3.0.

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